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Marine rug.

Plastic Polish/Restorer, 237 ml. 

Hooks to fasten canopies on to ribs’ profiles.

Electric Heater. 12V DC.

Push-pull system spring lock. 

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Customer Services
Product Return
Product Return Conditions
The consumer has the right to return the product, subject to the contract within 7 days after delivery to himself or the person at the address that he showed. In order to be accepted as return by our company, the packaging and the content of the box must be undamaged and in a situation that can be sold as a new product. The return of the cargo delivery receipt, the original and the second copy of invoice on the package is mandatory. Following the acceptance of the documents by our company, Marintek attempts to refund the product's amount to the customer's credit card within seven days. Marintek is not responsible for any fault that will be occurred by bank for refund of the amount. The return right cannot be used for the following items: the products cannot be returned in respect of its nature; single use products, software and programs that can be copied, fast deteriorated products and the products that expiry date have passed. In order to use the right to return on all kinds of software and programs, computers and consumables, the product must not be unpacked, undamaged and used.

Defective Products
1. During the delivery of products purchased from our site, the products must be opened in front of cargo company officer, in order to check any damage that could happened during transportation. If the product is damaged, it should not be accepted and the situation should be reported. If any defect comes up after the acceptance of the product, you should apply us with a report prepared by an authorised service stating that, the defect does not occur because of user error, so you can exchange the product by free of charge.
2. If the product that you purchased fails during the using process, because of material, workmanship or installation faults, your product will be repaired by authorised service station free of charge within the warranty period. In the absence of the service station, the product will be sent by us to the manufacturer or the importer company.
3. If you get the required report from the service station or if you would like the product to be repaired by us because of service station absence, you should fill the form below before sending the product and you should not send the product before your form is approved by us. Please do not forget to send the invoice and the warranty certificate together with the product.

Product Warranty
Products are under the warranty of the manufacturer and the importer company. For the products that you have purchased, the failures that occurred during the warranty period shall be repaired free of charge according to warranty terms stated below.
1. The warranty period begins from the date of delivery of goods to the consumer and at least for two years unless otherwise stated. In the event of failure of the goods, the repair time will be added to the warranty period.
2. Maximum repair period of the product is 30 working days. This period begins with the date of notification of the product's defect to service station or to the dealer. If this period exceeds, the customer may request free of exchange or the refund of the product's amount.
3. If defect of the cannot be solved within 15 working days, the manufacturer or the importer company, should allocate another product with similar characteristics to the customer until the defect of the product repaired.
4. If the product fails during the warranty period, because of material, workmanship or installation faults, the seller obliged to repair the product without asking for any charge under workmanship, installation labour cost or any other name.
5. The user error in product defects determined with a report prepared by the service station. In the absence of service station, the report is prepared by the importer or the manufacturer company.
6. Despite the customer used the right of repair, if the product;
a) repeats the same failure more than two times within a year, from the date of delivery to the consumer, or the occurrence of more than four different defects or sum of the different faults exceeds six within the warranty period and the defects continuously prevents benefiting from the product,
b) Exceed of maximum period for repair (30 days)
c) The determination of impossibility of the repair
In these cases stated above, free exchange, refund or price reductions can be requested according to defect rate.

Delivery Information
Your orders will be shipped at latest within 3 business days, following the payment confirmation for credit card orders and the payment receive to our accounts for bank transfers.

The orders, given after 4:00 pm on Friday, issued on Monday following the confirmation of the payment information. Your orders given on official holidays and feast, issued on first business day following the confirmation of payment. Our company is not responsible for any shortcoming occurred because of the cargo company.


What is 3D Secure?
It is a system developed to increase the security of internet shopping through credit card and debit card transactions. With this ?secured virtual shopping? solutions developed by Visa and Master Card, both card holders and the member merchants are guaranteed against fraud.

The online shopping made through the virtual markets, which have Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code logos are under the guarantee of Visa and Master Card.

Why is 3D Secure Safe?
While the virtual payment transaction takes place in 3D Secure System, the payment password which is only known by customer asked by the bank and the identity of the cardholder is verified. It prevents the use of the cards on internet by unauthorised people.

How is 3D Secure Operates?
Card holder registers his bank card via internet banking. He defines a password and security question-answer under his card. The card holder shops on the system compatible virtual market and pass to payment part.

A pop up window will appear to card holder through his bank that asks the transaction password and the personal security message. The cardholder continues to transaction by entering the password. The transaction is completed after the password confirmed by the bank.

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Marintek Catalogue 2024

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